2018 Goals for My Photography Business

For many people January is a time to set “New Years Resolutions.” After wrapping up a busy Holiday Photography Season in December I always look forward to January. For me it is the best time for me to take a break from photo sessions and really self-reflect and evaluate what is important to me and what I need to improve on. During this month I think about what didn’t work last year. I review my sales, costs and I typically re-evaluate my pricing structure.

Whether we call it “New Years Resolutions” or Goal Setting…it’s really the same thing. January is full of new beginnings. It’s a time to start fresh and set goals and objectives in anticipation for a prosperous New Year.

I always share my Photography Goals with my number one supporter- My Amazing Husband. I trust him and I know he wants me to be successful. He helps hold me accountable for my goals and accomplishments for the year. This year I am doing something different. I am really jumping out of my comfort zone by doing this, but I am going to share My 2018 Goals for My Photography Business with everyone willing to listen. Why? I really think by doing this it will help me stay focused on what my objectives are for the year. Plus I know that once I achieve my goals it will be much more rewarding to share with everyone!

When goal setting for my business, I try to keep a few things in mind. I self-reflect to identify what makes me happy. What photo shoots did I have the most fun at? Which ones were the most memorable? As a business women I also reflect on what was most profitable.

You don’t necessarily have to wait until January to identify your goals for the upcoming year. For instance, I had My Top 5 Goals Set in my head back in November. Last year during my busy season I finally admitted something to myself that I have known since 2014. My photography passion is photographing Newborns, Babies and Children. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy photographing different genres, but my passion is Newborns, Babies and Children 100%!

One of my biggest fears besides going to the dentist has always been “Failure.” But you know what? Failure only leaves room for me to grow and get better! I know it’s not easy for some to share goals with others with fear of failure and for everyone to know you didn’t accomplish your goal. But let’s get out of this mindset!

If I can do this, you can do this too! When creating your list of goals keep in mind that the goals set must be measurable in order to see if you achieved them at the end of the year. Setting your goals is the first step. Then you need a plan of action on how to achieve them. You may even add to your list of goals through out the year. Whether you keep a planner, post on social media or just verbally tell your friends and family…..I challenge you to share your Top 5 Goals for the Year!!!

My 2018 Photography Goals:

1.) Purchase a new lens (one that is on my wish list)
2.) Revamp my Website (Totally Re-Do it)
3.) Start a Blog (Check)
4.) Attend a Newborn One-on-One Workshop
5.) Book more Newborn Sessions and Children Sessions (Double my bookings from 2017)

Now onto You! What are your Goals for 2018???