My Inspiration to start my Photography Business- My Story

Meet The Goldyn pride and joy and the reason I started my photography business. Since becoming a Mother in 2012 I felt the need to capture different stages of my son's life to share with loved ones and simply for me to just have to remember myself. Living in Arizona away from all my Family (that lived in Missouri) and with a Husband that traveled for work every week I felt like it was even more important to capture special moments to share with them. After having my second son in 2014, with the encouragement from my dear Husband, we took the plunge and we bought my 1st DSLR on Mother's Day 2014. It was a Nikon D3200 with two kit lenses. Oh I loved it and watched 1000's of hours of online videos to learn how to use it in manual mode. I then purchased inexpensive continuous lighting and a backdrop stand and started practicing on my two sons as much as I could.

I practiced both in my make-shift studio and outside. I had many frustrating moments trying to get my tiny models to not move and to get the camera settings just right. Being a perfectionist, I quickly learned that it was time to upgrade my camera and lens. Since 2014 I have purchased 2 Full Frame DSLRs, 3 Fixed Lenses and 2 Zoom lenses. In addition I have purchased proper studio equipment and outdoor OCF. With continuous online research I have made purchases to help my business grow and my photography skills and images have improved 1000%. I am proud of how my business has grown, even with moving out of state and starting all over with building my clientele. I am most proud of my boys and my lovely husband for giving me time away from them to work on my business.


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